Jaltest Optimal Driving Fleet is the first solution in the market that allows to perform remote multibrand diagnosis.

Vehicle state
At a glance, we can verify the diagnosis state of all vehicles belonging to our fleet, identifying the vehicles where a diagnosis error has been found. In case a diagnosis error is found, the appropriate actions can be carried out depending on its severity.
The diagnosis procedures are launched automatically when the driver turns on the ignition key. In addition, the fleet manager can program a time interval to send a diagnosis request to the vehicle. The information gathered during these procedures is used to check the vechicle state, thus guaranteeing that, at each start-up, the vehicle has no errors and is ready to tackle a working day in optimal conditions.

Advanced diagnosis
Through this submenu, any expert user can launch a diagnosis procedure for the reading of error codes, values measurements and ECU data in real time in order to know the state of one or multiple systems in each vehicle.



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