Current position
Geoghaphic positon of the vehicle in real time (through GPS device), the vehicle movement is displayed in a time determined by the manager and the vehicle state.It gathers details about the vehicle state regarding: engine on, engine off with ignition on, engine off with ignition off… Offering a level of detail in real time about how the vehicle is being used.

Nearest vehicle
Knowing the location of each vehicle is essential information, and not less important is knowing which vehicle is nearest to the location of our customers. In response to this need, ODF offers the possibility to locate the fleet vehicle neartest to any location, displaying in addition a route proposal, the exact distance, and the estimated time to reach the destination.

By selecting a certain date, or period, it is possible to see the route that a vehicle has followed, including also a range of relevant information about the selected route (travel time, covered distance, stops made, speeds…). This way, the user can determine the optimal route to make a trip or if there have been any incidents during the delivery.

My sites
It offers the possibility to indicate relevant geographic points that will be displayed in the map together with the combination of vehicles that make up the fleet (workshops, service areas, gas stations…).



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