Continuing with the contribution of Jaltest Telematics to the maintenances chapter, this menu offers a pattern with the most common maintenance actuations, providing the option of any other that is deemed necessary. Each maintenance is assigned to the corresponding combination of vehicles, generating automatically the associated alarm configuration so the platform warns us as soon as the conditions under which the maintenance must be carried out are met.

Configure an alarm with the maintenance that you want to control (ITV, brake pads…) by time or mileage.

The remote diagnosis allows to monitor and set alarms depending on the reading of the state of certain components, such as: brake pads wear value, lubricants deterioration state, wear value of the dryer filter from the compressed air system… and also to display the date or kilometers until the next maintenance, that will be determined by the predictive maintenance systems of the vehicle.

Having access to these data is essential for an optimal management of the vehicle maintenance and start-up, avoiding unwanted stops and extra costs.

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